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For more than sixty years, MR has worked hard to publish voices that challenge our complacencies and engage us in the wider world. We have tried to use our longevity to promote underrepresented writers and artists, and to bring attention to new voices. That's one reason why we're so happy to introduce our new masthead, including poetry editors Nathan McClain and Franny Choi, prose editor Morgan Talty (who joins Q. M. Zhang), poetry-in-translation editor Maria José Giménez (who joins Corine Tachtiris), and contributing editor Carl Hancock Rux (joining Tanya Fernando and Dominic Taylor). As we expand the diversity of our editors, we are also continuing to expand the range of voices and genres published in our pages—but we need your help. Your gift will help us support these writers and editors, our interns, and our special projects, including our forthcoming Climate Crisis issue, and our Working Titles e-books.